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Independent Physiotherapists Australia Pty Ltd (IPA)

IPA is a newly formed national group of independently owned physiotherapy practices who continually seek to provide the best in physiotherapy care. Each practice is already well-established and highly reputable in its own right, thereby ensuring you will receive high-quality healthcare, centred on experience.

Since its original inception in mid-2007, IPA has quickly swelled to over 100 like-minded physio practices all over Australia, and therefore has already gained a reputation steeped on quality service and experience.

Furthermore, IPA has taken the hard work out of finding each practice by linking them through our website and the phone number 1300 PHYSIO. This means you're now just an easy-to-remember web visit or phone call away from your local, hands-on physio!

How experienced are IPA physios?

We have an impressive collection of physios who are all highly reputable in their own right, each with strong affiliations with professional groups like Doctors and other health professionals, plus many work with elite sporting teams such as:

  • the Waratahs rugby union team
  • NRL and State of Origin teams
  • Australian Netball team
  • Olympic athletes
  • AFL & VFL teams
  • plus many other elite athletes like cyclists, swimmers, runners, & golfers.

With so many well-established and highly reputable physio practices, all just an easy-to-remember web visit or phone call away, it's no wonder we've already become the preferred providers to Touch Football Australia! All touch football players can phone 1300 PHYSIO to easily access their local IPA physio for pre-season training, injury rehabilitation and insurance claims, strength and stretching programs, plus ongoing monitoring and maintenance work.

So what qualifies a practice to join IPA?

  • Hands-on and exercise-based approach to treatment
  • Personal, one-on-one care
  • Dedication to high-quality service and continued education
  • Experienced in treating:
    • back, neck & spinal pain
    • sports injuries
    • joint pains eg. foot, ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist & hand
    • muscle tears
    • aged care
    • acute pain & chronic (ongoing) pain
    • stiffness, aches and arthritic conditions
    • pre- & post-operative rehabilitation
  • Generally, they must have a desire to help people from all walks of life!

How do I find my nearest IPA physio practice?

All IPA physios can be contacted by visitng our website or phoning 1300 PHYSIO (ie. 1300 749746). So all you need to do is simply:

  1. visit our website and search our database;
  2. phone 1300 PHYSIO; and,
  3. nominate the practice or suburb of your choice.

It's that easy!!

So, now you have an easier way to remember your local physio's phone number, even when you're not in front of the computer!

This means you can now access like-minded physios when you're away on business, working in a different area to where you live, or even if you're away on holidays!! Look for your nearest IPA physio now!

** If we don't have a physio practice close to where you need, we can help you find one that matches our high standards of service. Either contact us via email or phone 1300 PHYSIO and we'll take care of the rest. **


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