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High quality physiotherapy practices are now easier to contact! We've sourced practices all over Australia who each run their own business independently, and now share the phone number 1300 749 746 that's 1300 PHYSIO: the most easily-remembered phone number in physio for your booking convenience.

So, if you're looking for a high-quality, hands-on physio practice in your local area, simply search via suburb below or phone 1300 PHYSIO to get your local, quality-approved IPA practice.


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** If we don't have a physio practice close to where you need, we can help you find one that matches our high standards of service. Either contact us via email or phone 1300 PHYSIO and we'll take care of the rest. ** 

How can Physiotherapy and IPA help me?

Physiotherapy is a health profession that assists people with injuries, pain, stiffness & weakness, and even helps with balance disorders and incontinence treatment. Furthermore, because Physiotherapists are university-trained and recognised as primary health practitioners, there is no referral necessary from your doctor, unless you are claiming insurance from a motor vehicle accident or workplace injury.

IPA simply networks independently owned physiotherapy clinics, each selected and assessed by our own physios to offer you reliability and convenience in healthcare.

Physios treat all musculoskeletal conditions such as poor posture; painful and arthritic joints (shoulders, hands, hips, knee, ankle and foot pain); back and neck pain; headaches; muscular pains; sports injuries and workplace injuries.

Every IPA physiotherapist is dedicated to helping people of all ages, from those with acute pain from recent trauma (such as accidents or sports injuries), to those with ongoing pain in need of chronic pain therapy, as required with low back pain, arthritis and repetitive strains.

We employ many strategies to achieve the best outcomes we can, including:

  • accurate testing and assessment techniques;
  • treatments backed by recent research evidence;
  • soft tissue & remedial massage on muscles;
  • joint mobilisation and manipulation;
  • hydrotherapy with aquatic physiotherapists / hydrotherapists;
  • stretching exercises;
  • strength work like pilates for ‘core strength’; and
  • education to help you manage your individual concerns on a daily basis.

Furthermore, our physios will always look to reduce your pain, whilst empower you with education particular to your problem in order to maximise the outcome for improved quality of life.

In the event that more specialised help like orthopaedic surgery is required, we work closely with your doctor to ensure the best pre- and post-op rehabilitation is achieved. Orthopaedics is a specialised area of medicine that mostly relies on surgery for its outcomes, therefore the invasive nature of surgery often makes it a last resort considered by your Doctor and Physio.

As your health is also your most important asset, make sure you consult help from health professionals you can trust.

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and find your local, quality-approved IPA physiotherapist.


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